The Chicago White Sox resorted to desperation while trailing the Boston Red Sox in a blowout on Monday.

White Sox starter Lucas Giolito got pounded and allowed eight hits, two walks and eight runs just a little over an inning of work. That put the White Sox in a big hole early in the game, and matters only got worse. The Red Sox added runs in the third and fourth to take a 10-2 lead.

By the time the seventh inning rolled around, manager Tony La Russa decided he’d had enough. He put in Yermin Mercedes to pitch.

Keep in mind that Mercedes is the team’s DH. He had not played an inning in the field prior to Monday. Mercedes mostly caught and played first base during his minor league career, but La Russa let him pitch in the seventh with the team down 10-4.

Mercedes gave up three hits and two walks, but he was lucky to get a double play and fly out to escape with only one run allowed. He now has a somewhat respectable 9.00 ERA. It could be a lot worse for a position player.

Here’s how he looked: