Joshua Scott’s week keeps getting better, and why shouldn’t it?

Bryce Harper on Friday surprised him and his father James during a live interview on ESPN’s SportsCenter.

“That’s pretty cool what you did, man,” Harper said. “That’s big time. I’m glad we were able to have some fans in Atlanta. I need some help out there in right field as you know, so I appreciate it.”

If you have not seen the video by now — and who hasn’t at this point? — the Scotts are Phillies fans from North Carolina who attended last Friday’s game between the Phillies and Braves at Truist Park in Atlanta. Joshua dropped Freddie Freeman’s home-run ball in right field. He eventually got it back. Once he did, he found a young Freeman fan in the stands and gave him the baseball.

His act of selflessness struck a chord with people everywhere.

“It’s incredible,” Harper said. “You always want to give back to everybody around you and do the things you can to help people out, just like our heavenly father did for all of us. That’s truly what I believe. My dad instilled that in me when I was younger to always give back to your community, always give back to the people around you and good things will happen without even thinking about it.”

The Braves invited the Scotts back to Sunday night’s game. Before the game, Freeman presented them a ball signed by him and Harper. The Phillies’ right fielder then hopped on ESPN to tell him great work and invite father and son to a Phillies game, whenever fans might be allowed back onto the field and possibly back into the clubhouse.

“We’d love to welcome you to Citizens Bank Park,” Harper said. “Come and hang out with us. Come and enjoy BP, the clubhouse … hopefully get you out soon.”

“Thank you so much,” Joshua said.

“It’s a blessing,” James said.

“Bryce, we love you,” Joshua said.