“Defense wins Championships” We’ve all heard it a thousand times. However, it can take a back seat to hitting because it’s not as much fun to talk about (My opinion).

Defense is one of the things that allows hitters to stay in the lineup when they’re struggling. It allows players to not feel as much pressure at the plate because they know they provide value on the other side of the ball.

In this episode with Tyler Packanik, currently the Volunteer at the University of Missouri, we talk about ways to develop infielders at a faster rate. Tyler played college baseball is Marrieta College in Ohio.

After his playing career, he has had several coaching stops including Ohio University, Bucknell, Stetson, and this past season coaching travel baseball for the Orlando Scorpions.

In this episode, Tyler gives some tips on ways to utilize video at practice, drills that you can do with all skill levels, and how to get better when you don’t have a coach around the hit you ground balls.

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