Imagine you’re a young Angels fan in Kansas City, and all you want is to see Mike Trout play. And then you don’t just get to see him — he gives you his batting gloves.

That’s what happened Monday night, when Trout made a kid’s day by tossing him his gloves and a baseball, after the Angels’ 10-3 win over the Royals.

The two Angels fans Trout ran over to, father and son, were sitting in the front row of the stands in center field, right behind Trout. They also got to see Trout hit a home run in the game.

The dad, Jason Pedigo, had even tweeted at Trout that he and his son would be at the game, with pictures of his son wearing a Trout jersey. Pedigo also captured the moment Trout tossed his son the ball on camera and took pictures of his son posing with the ball and batting gloves.