Experience. Wisdom.

Those are the first two words I think of when I think of Jeff Banister. Jeff has been coaching in professional baseball for over 35 years. He has been a MiLB manager, Field Coordinator, and MLB Manager.

He was the Pittsburgh Pirates manager from 2010-2014 and then was the Texas Rangers manager from 2015-2018. Jeff is currently the Director of Player Development at the University of Northern Colorado, where his son is playing. Jeff’s journey in baseball was anything but easy.

He developed cancer in high school, spent six months in a hospital, and was told he was probably going to get his leg amputated. In college, he was in a collision at home plate that left him paralyzed for two weeks. Before turning twenty-one years old he had over ten surgeries.

In this episode, he opens up and talks about that experience as a kid, what he’s learned as a coach, and what the best thing about being a manager is.

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