For those looking to customize their commenting experience here at MLB Trade Rumors, the website now has a mute button available.  Once you’re logged in, you’ll see that each comment has the option to like, reply, flag, or mute.  If you decide you would prefer to hide all comments from a specific user, including all comments on a thread they’ve started, hit the mute link.  A box will pop up asking you to confirm.  You can edit your mute list on your profile page.  The Trade Rumors iOS app now has a flag button, but does not yet have the mute button.

Moving forward, the comment section will now be open on political and COVID-19 posts, while remaining closed on those related to domestic violence.  Please review our commenting policy, which still does not allow attacks, insults, trolling, or harassment.  Off-topic commentary is also not allowed, so please do not leave comments that are unrelated to the subject matter of the post.  If you see comments that violate our policy, please flag them, consider muting the person, and do not reply.  We can’t attempt to assess who started it.

We’ve created a “View Comments” button on each post, so that entering the comment section will be a conscious choice.  Consider that you may be better off sitting out certain discussions.  We’ve set up some guard rails, but the comment section reflects the attitudes and opinions of many different people.  We’ll try to review everything that violates our policy, but we can’t moderate out stupidity, insensitivity, and various other subjective things.  We’re hopeful that the mute button will allow MLBTR commenters more control over their experience.